Trihorse Approach

Trihorse Technology : Our Approach

Trihorse Technology Company adopt a structured project Delivery Framework and Methodology, which underpins our commitment to quality professional services.

By utilising this Delivery Framework and Methodology, we can ensure the successful implementation of quality solutions and services to our customers.

By using this process, we can consistently deliver solutions that are designed right, built right and supported right.

The core components of the project delivery framework are as follows:

Envisioning – This phase addresses one of the most fundamental requirements for project success, namely unification of the project team behind a common vision. Envisioning, by creating a high-level view of the project's goals and constraints, serves as an early form of planning. This phase also sets the stage for the more formal process that will take place during the project's planning.

Planning – This covers the completion of detailed project planning and ensures the pre-work is completed prior to the design phase. ie. Detailed requirements capture, exploring other solution options etc. During this phase the team prepares the detailed requirements and works through the design process. This also covers the preparation of work plans, specification of cost estimates and schedules for the various deliverables.

Design and Build – During this phase the team completes the detailed design and builds the solution. The Test Plan is also defined within this phase. Note: Some additional design and build work may be required after completion of this phase in response to testing results.

Testing – The testing phase conducts testing on the solution. Testing is conducted against the agreed test plan in a Closed and Open Pilot (dependant on project requirements). Any issues discovered are addressed and retested. Any amendments that need to be made to the design documentation are completed.

Implementation – During this phase the team deploys the infrastructure technology and transitions the project to Operations and Support. Final customer approval of the project is obtained. Following implementation the team conducts a project review and a customer satisfaction survey.

Trihorse Technology Company utilise a set of core Architectural Design Principles (ADPs) to ensure every design activity adheres to strict quality standards and is operationally fit for purpose.

By using the ADPs, our customers can be assured that a System Professional solution is ‘Designed Right', ‘Built Right' and importantly can be ‘Operated Right'.

The core ADPs are detailed below and are derived from industry best practices outlined in the Microsoft Solutions Architecture (MSA).

  • Scalability
  • Availability
  • Security
  • Manageability
  • Reliability
  • Supportability
  • Regulatory Compliance

Once a project has been completed, we provide our customer's with a 'Post Implementation Review Survey'. This assesses the project from the client's perspective and allows us to review, monitor and improve our internal processes.

It covers key questions such as: Did the project remain on schedule? Within Budget? Were the goals and objectives achieved? Did we deliver the key requirements and functionality?

We can then discuss the lessons learnt and jointly make informed recommendations for the future.

If you would like to discuss a forthcoming networking project with us or find out more about our Project Delivery capabilities, please call (852)-2370-1103