Outsourced IT Support

Trihorse Technology Company – Your IT Company for IT Services and Computer Support
Trihorse is an IT company providing IT Services and Computer Support to hundreds of businesses. Our IT company can remove the need for an in-house IT technician and provide you with 24 hour IT and Computer Support that is only a phone call away. We're different from most other IT companies in that we proactively maintain your IT infrastructure.

Our IT Services have two key benefits for your business:
It minimises and prevents costly IT breakdowns that can cost your business thousands in lost man-hours and productivity.
Because we proactively maintain your IT infrastructure and systems, we identify problem areas before they occur, reducing the need to costly new IT equipment and installation.

Outsourced IT Support
In a nutshell, Trihorse Technology Company 's full service technical support means small to medium companies (SMEs) don't have to bear the time and cost of fulltime IT staff.
Trihorse Technology Company will deliver cost effective solutions to fit your budget, including.
A state-of-the-art network infrastructure and timely access to skilled support with a low engineering risk and minimal cost that was previously only available to big companies with large, full-time IT departments.

On-site IT Support
Our team of experienced field technicians and engineers will provide you a comprehensive on-site system maintenance at pre-determined times during the week. Our goal is to proactively maintain system so as to pre-empt and issues before they arise giving you a smooth system environment that you can work efficiently from. This is a concept unlike many other IT Support companies who work on a ticket system and then wait for your call. To us, this method means you already have a problem and are already loosing money because you cannot work efficiently. We believe that it is better to keep the system functioning without errors so that you don't have to call us.

Trihorse's sophisticated remote access tools and technicians can resolve most problems without the added expense and time of travel to your site.

Phone Support Call Centre
One of Hong Kong's most experienced IT teams is just a phone call away. Most problems can be resolved via telephone and remote access.

Help Desk Consulting Services
This comprehensive service enables you to set up a results driven Help Desk that uses proven techniques to interact with clients and troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently.

Service Costs
Trihorse Technology Company offers an hourly rate (based on the qualifications of the service delivery personnel), including substantial discounts for large projects and regularly scheduled service. This billing policy minimizes the likelihood of paying high rates for simple jobs but still makes it possible to elevate the level of expertise assigned to a task in case of complications or expanded requirements.

Network Support Packages
Inquire about Trihorse Technology Company's support packages designed to help small and medium enterprises maintain IT networks that feature high availability, performance and security, including.

Internet Connectivity
Network Infrastructure
Email and Messaging
Windows XP, Office XP
Security Virus Protection
Help Desk
Wide Area Networking
VPN and Remote Access
Disaster Recovery
IT Architecture
Microsoft .NET Servers For more information about utilizing